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Star Wars Episode VII (JJ Abrams & Disney Version) by Poubelle-de-dav / Blog


gotta go fast

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Last week we were introduced to Sneezy the Penn State Squirrel, the adorable arboreal rodent who has been befriended by Penn State freshman Mary Krupa. Mary makes tiny hats that sneezy patiently models while enjoying the nuts that Mary provides as well. Nuts are eaten and ridiculously cute photos are taken. It’s a pretty awesome arrangement for all parties. 

We were delighted to discover that Incredible Things posted new photos of Sneezy modeling more of Mary’s tiny headwear, including a nurse’s hat, a tiny fez, a propeller beanie and even a sweet pair of shades. (We still think Sneezy should give coffee a try.)

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The People You See At a Midnight Release

Created by Julia Lepetit & Andrew Bridgman


Deadpool n’ Boba Fett vs Disney World by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr


demiadejuyigbe: Very embarrassing gaffe from the Romney camp this morning. 

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From the Department of Awesome Anthropomorphic Foodstuffs come these wonderful photos taken by a farmer in Hyogo prefecture, Japan, who unearthed a daikon radish that strongly resembles a figure swinging its arms and running for its life. It looks like it would be right at home as a creature in a Miyazaki film.

The imaginative farmer, who goes by the twitter handle @konsai_umemama, decided that such a fantastic vegetable deserves a more interesting fate than ending up on someone’s plate. And so they’ve set about placing the radish in a variety of humourous situations and then taking these great photos. 

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Rube Gifberg

This might make you dizzy.


Catnip. Not Even Once. (more here)


The Adventures of Ordinary Batman by Sarah Johnson

It stands to reason that since Batman is kind of just a regular guy, the comics are kind of lax in portraying his more normal adventures. In her spare time, Sarah began doodling some of Bat’s more mundane capers, like fishing, riding a swing tire, and scooping up the poop of an adorbzable kitteh. A motion I propose to the Internets: this is all official canon now. If we all pretend hard enough, they’ll have to make it true, right?

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