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thefrogman: I’m so conflicted.

Love it.

duck chase (x)

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Rube Gifberg

This might make you dizzy.


The Adventures of Ordinary Batman by Sarah Johnson

It stands to reason that since Batman is kind of just a regular guy, the comics are kind of lax in portraying his more normal adventures. In her spare time, Sarah began doodling some of Bat’s more mundane capers, like fishing, riding a swing tire, and scooping up the poop of an adorbzable kitteh. A motion I propose to the Internets: this is all official canon now. If we all pretend hard enough, they’ll have to make it true, right?

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Trippy GIFs

Prepare to have your mind bent, twisted, and folded up into origami. You didnt need your mind anyways.

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Quite dizzying.


Time Lapse Images of Earth at Night Taken From the International Space Station

Not bad pictures for someone traveling 7,706 meters per second, eh?

This is an important question, and I demand answers!

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