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Assassin’s Creed 3

Created by Russ Mills

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*francoclun is a self-taught Italian artist who creates photorealistic charcoal drawings with incredible ease. The immense amount of detail he uses to capture his subject’s expression truly brings his drawings to life. Whether drawing well-known characters, homeless warriors or intricate landscapes, his work is undeniably visceral. *francoclun is a true master at his craft. Make sure to take a look at more of his beautiful drawings in his deviantART gallery here!


By day Michael McLane works as a metallurgical engineer at a steel mill, but by night he’s an artist transforming iconic pop culture imagery into awesome stained-glass lamps. What’s more, he creates these gorgeously geeky objects the same way Louis Comfort Tiffany created his own world famous lamps back in the 1870s — by painstakingly assembling them one piece at a time on a 3D form. Each piece takes between 40 to 60 hours to complete. 

Head over to Wired to learn more about Michael McLane and his awesome lamps. Then check out his new Etsy shop.


Star Wars Episode VII (JJ Abrams & Disney Version) by Poubelle-de-dav / Blog

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe by Gerald Parel

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A.M. Inspiration

Her Voice, Her Sleep, Her Apple by J. Scott Campbell 


Legends of Wrestling by Dave Merrell


Iron Man

Illustration by JP Valderrama

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11” X 14” Giclee print, S/N Regular edition of 50, Cool blue War Machine variant edition of 25. Part of the Gizmos and Gadgets art show at the Bottleneck Gallery / Facebook.


Assassins Three by Marinos

Assassins: Assemble!

Artist: Behance